What sets you apart?

I like to give clients the one-on-one attention they need. Through the process, I throughly explain the pros and cons of various things. We could be speaking about your business name one minute and a campaign initiative the next. In conversation I grasp a good idea of your business goals and incorporate the most efficient way to implement those goals into your branding.


What are your payment policies and methods?

Each project whether small or large has a minimum of $200. For designed items that require a 24-48 turnaround and/or a quoted rate under $500, a full balance is required. For projects over $501, a 50% deposit is required and the final balance will need to be fulfilled once the final design is approved but before the final files are delivered. For printed items, the full balance is required before your order is sent to print.


Do you offer hosting for the websites you design?

Yes, hosting and domain are available for purchase. Visit host.henricreative.com to view pricing. If you are creating an e-commerce website, SSL Certificates are available for purchase as well.


Do you offer hosting for the websites you design?

Design Only
Advertisements (48-72 hours)
Logo Design (2-4 weeks to filter through a 3 step design process)
Label Design (3-5 business days)
Package Design (5-7 business days)

Web Design (4-6 weeks, highly contingent on content)
Standard Printed Items (5-7 business days)
Package Printing (4-6 weeks in production, highly contingent on quantity)


What happens if I am not satisfied?

We keep working until the design is to your liking. In the design process, I like to be preventative by asking questions first instead of after the fact. The questionnaire and visuals shared before starting the design give me a good idea of where you are going so that it is implemented perfectly.